La Risonanza International Summer Music Academy

La Risonanza International Summer Music Academy

La Risonanza Barocca

International Summer Music Academy


August 7-13 2018

More than just a summer course!

Competition, one week of lessons, auditions and concerts with La Risonanza and Friends


Fabio Bonizzoni – harpsichord, chamber music, orchestra

Veronika Skuplik – baroque violin, chamber music

Hans-Peter Westermann – baroque oboe, chamber music

Joachim Held – lute, chamber music

Agnieszka Oszańca – baroque cello, chamber music

Piotr Łaski – yoga instructor


Jorge Jimenez, Ulrike Slowik – violin

Livia Baldi – viola

Caterina Dell’Agnello – violoncello

Marco Lo Cicero – violone

Fabio Bonizzoni – continuo and conducting


August 7th:

yoga classes

ensemble coaching

ensemble rehearsals

EVENING CONCERT: Capella Cracoviensis


August 8th:

yoga classes

ensemble coaching

ensemble rehearsals

EVENING CONCERT: Lute recital, Joachim Held


August 9th:

yoga classes

ensemble coaching

ensemble rehearsals

EVENING CONCERT: Cello sonatas, Agnieszka Oszańca & Fabio Bonizzoni


August 10th:

yoga classes

ensemble coaching

ensemble rehearsals

EVENING CONCERT: participants of the course, chamber music competition, part 1 (jury – La Risonanza)


August 11th:

Orchestral sessions – participants of the course & La Risonanza

EVENING CONCERT: participants of the course, chamber music competition, part 2 (jury – La Risonanza)

August 12th:

Orchestral sessions – participants of the course & La Risonanza

August 13th:

Orchestral sessions – participants of the course & La Risonanza

EVENING CONCERT: the final concert of the orchestra – participants of the course & La Risonanza




290 euro for a single participant, duo – 430, trio – 550, quartet – 670. In case of bigger ensembles the cost of every additional group member is 100 euros.

Quota iscrizione individuale: 290 euro; per duo: 430; per trio: 550; per quartetto: 670. Per gruppi più numerosi, ogni partecipante aggiuntivo paga 100 euro extra.


The first part of the  course is going to be focused around chamber music, although it is also possible to apply as a single participant. The participants of the masterclasses will have the possibility to present themselves to the audience during two student concerts. The quality of the chamber groups’ performance will be evaluated by members of the renown Italian baroque ensemble La Risonanza. The outstanding ensemble (or soloist) will be granted a performance during the La Risonanza’s concert series in Palazzina Liberty in Milan in 2019.

La prima parte del corso è espressamente dedicata alla musica da camera, ma è possibile iscriversi anche individualmente. Sono previsti due concerti degli studenti: il gruppo (o il solista) che verrà giudicato il migliore dai membri de La Risonanza sarà invitato a tenere un concerto nella prossima stagione milanese La Risonanza in Palazzina Liberty.

Chamber music course will be followed by an orchestral project of baroque suites and concerti grossi repertoire, led by Fabio Bonizzoni and La Risonanza and will be crowned by the final concert. The most exceptional students will be invited to join La Risonanza’s orchestral training scheme in the following season

Il corso di musica da camera sarà seguito da tre giorni di lavoro in orchestra sotto la direzione di Fabio Bonizzoni e de La Risonanza e si chiuderà con un concerto finale con suites e concerti grossi. Gli studenti migliori saranno invitati a partecipare all’orchestra giovanile La Primavera de La Risonanza che inizierà la sua attività nella stagione 2018/2019.

All participants are highly encouraged to stay for the entire duration of the course, attend yoga lessons and concerts (free of charge), perform and make the most of their time, spending it with us in the beautiful Italian town of Bertinoro.

Tutti i partecipanti sono invitati a restare per l’intera durata del corso, a seguire i concerti e le lezioni yoga (senza costi aggiuntivi), a suonare e passare una bella settimana insieme a noi nella bellissima Romagna di Bertinoro.


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How to arrive :

Exit at Forlì toll gate (for those coming from the north); or Cesena Nord (for those coming from the south). Then follow the signs for the SS.9 Via Emilia, reach Forlimpopoli and from here follow the signs for Bertinoro. Once in Bertinoro, follow the signs for the University Residential Center (the fortress at the top of the village)

Bologna – Rimini line. By using high-speed trains, get off at Forlì or Cesena. Some regional trains also stop at Forlimpopoli.

Public buses:
From the Forlì and Cesena railway stations, numerous daily connections are available to Forlimpopoli (line 92). From there, continue with the shuttle link to Bertinoro (lines 134 or 121). For updated timetables, refer to the website or call the call-center at

NOTE: On the day of August the public transport service is very limited. Inquire with the call center.
From the Forlì train station you can also take a taxi (0543.31.111). The cost of the trip, in agreement with the University Residential Center, is € 25.00 during the daytime hours and € 30.00 during the night or the holiday.
For taxis from Cesena, call 0547 610710


All students admitted have the opportunity to stay in our guest house with a modern and comfortable atmosphere

– single room + breakfast: € 41 / day
– double room with breakfast: € 33 / day
– single room + breakfast + lunch: € 53 / day
– double room + breakfast + lunch: € 45 / day

The former episcopal seminary, home of the guesthouse, stands around an ancient cloister of the eighteenth century. Completely restored, it is intended for residential space and part of the University’s educational areas.

Within the University area:

n. 34 single rooms with wi-fi and LAN (independent services);
n. 31 double rooms with wi-fi and LAN (independent services);
n. 1 suite (double room) with free wi-fi and LAN (independent services);
Internal catering service with a capacity of 200pax, equipped for breakfasts, lunches and dinners on request;
n. 1 party hall, obtained from the ancient Chapter House of the Corpus Christi Monastery, with a capacity of 120 people;
n. 2 common rooms equipped as recreational spaces where you can taste the taste and excellence of our territory;
Park of 4 hectares surrounded by old cedars and eighteenth-century walls of the city of Bertinoro.

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